Interactive Exercises  

An interactive expansion of the tutorials throughout the book, these online exercises provide hands-on help for the real tasks you will face in your research-writing process, such as developing a thesis, evaluating Web sites, and integrating quotations.

  Chapter 1: Analyzing an Assignment
  Chapter 2: Identifying Conversations about a Topic
  Chapter 3: Refining Your Research Question
  Chapter 4: Reading Actively
  Chapter 5: Evaluating a Web Site
  Chapter 6: Paraphrasing a Source
  Chapter 7: Avoiding Plagiarism
  Chapter 8: Conducting a Boolean Search in a Database
  Chapter 9: Using a Bibliography
  Chapter 10: Developing a Survey Question
  Chapter 14: Using an Outline to Draft Your Document
  Chapter 15: Integrating Quotations into Your Draft
  Chapter 16: Writing Concisely
  Chapter 17: Strengthening an Argument during Revision
  Chapter 18: Using Illustrations in a Document