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 Student Resources
 Note Taking Outlines Volume I To 1877
 Note Taking Outlines Volume II 1877 to the Present
 Online Research and     Reference Aids
 Make History - Coming Soon
Access to chapter-indexed documents, images, and Web sites.
  Benjamin, A Student's Online Guide to History Reference Sources
 The Bedford Bibliographer
 The Bedford Research Room
 Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online
 The St. Martin's Tutorial on Avoiding Plagiarism
 Electronic Resources from The     American Social History Project
 Who Built America? CD-ROM 1876-1914
 Who Built America? CD-ROM 1914-1946
 Who Built America? Documentary Web sites
 History Matters
 The Lost Museum
 Student Voices
 The 911 Digital Archive
 Children and Youth in History
Who Built America? Who Built America?
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