Mike Markel's Web Design Tutorial
SECTION 2C: Knowledge of Literature
Good sources of information are often linked to previous research and indicate the author's knowledge of what has already been written about a topic. Ask yourself:
  1. Does the author appear knowledgeable about the major literature in the field?
In-text references to previous research (e.g., Karr and Chu, 1999) demonstrate this author's knowledge of the major findings in coral reef research.



  1. Is there a bibliography? Proper documentation of sources not only demonstrates the author's knowledge but also gives you an opportunity to verify the information by checking the original sources.

  2. Are there notes or links throughout the document? Unlike authors of print documents, authors of online documents can link directly to the material they cite.
This excerpt from a hypertext article on accommodating specific learning disabilities in the classroom includes references to previous research, a link to a reputable site, and a link to a related topic (formal testing).




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