Research & Documentation Online 5th Edition

Gender and Women’s Studies

Contemporary Women’s Issues.

Farmington Hills: Gale Group, 1992–. A full-text database of journal articles, newsletters, alternative press publications, and reports produced by nongovernmental organizations on women’s issues. It includes material from 190 countries.


Ann Arbor: ProQuest, 1998–. A database of full-text articles from 175 publications, some dating to the 1970s, on women’s issues, including scholarly journals, magazines, and newsletters as well as conference proceedings and reports.

Women’s Studies: Core Books A searchable database of the most important books in print on issues ranging from girlhood to aging, covering women’s studies approaches to religion, sports, the arts, law, media, politics, and more. Books are chosen for inclusion by specialists in the Women’s Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Women’s Studies International.

Baltimore: NISC, 1972–. Indexes scholarly materials including books and journals, with some popular magazines as well. Some libraries may offer Gender Studies, an expanded version of this database.