Research & Documentation Online 5th Edition


Index to Legal Periodicals and Books.

New York: Wilson, 1994–. Index to legal journals, law reviews and books, government publications, institutions, and bar associations. Some libraries have an accompanying archive that covers publications from 1908 to the present in addition to full texts of over 300 law journals.

LexisNexis: Legal.

Bethesda: LexisNexis, 1998–. The LexisNexis databases include cases, codes, and research under the Legal tab. Of particular note is the ability to search for the full text of state and federal court decisions (also known as case law) by keyword, party name, or citation, and the Law Reviews section, which offers the full text of scholarly articles that analyze legal issues in depth.

WestLaw Campus Research.

Eagan: West, 2002–. A database of legal research materials, including laws, cases, legal articles, and reference material as well as analysis of legal issues provided by West and an integrated system that indicates which cases remain precedent setting.