Research & Documentation Online 5th Edition

General resources in history

Humanities Index.

New York: Wilson, 1974–. An interdisciplinary index to about 400 prominent English-language journals in the humanities, including art, music, history, and literature. Searchable by author or subject, the index includes many cross-references and subheadings that break large topics into components.


New York: JSTOR, 1995–. A multidisciplinary historical archive of scholarly journals. The complete contents of core journals have been digitized from the first issues. The most current issues (typically from the past three to five years) are not included. This archive is particularly useful to historians because many prominent history journals are included (such as the American Historical Review) and, since the contents go back to the nineteenth century, full-text searches can reveal the historical development of concepts, words, and phrases in scholarly publications.

Social Sciences Citation Index.

Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information, 1956–. Part of the Web of Knowledge, this multidisciplinary database of social science journals includes history, women’s studies, and urban studies. Searchable by author or keyword, the index allows searches by cited source, which is an efficient way to trace the influence of a particular work. The Related Search feature also identifies works that cite one or more of the same sources.