Dave Barry

About Gender: Differences
This excerpt challenges most scientific reasoning for gender differences. It claims that, with all factors considered, men and women may be more equal than people think.
Topics: gender, science and technology

BBC: What Are the 78 Differences Between Men and Women?
In this humorous article, the BBC contributes its opinions on what separates men from women. The site links to other articles focusing on the scientific and genetic contrasts between men and women.
Topics: gender, science and technology, sexuality

National Organization of Women
Since its founding in 1966, NOW has been committed to equal pay for equal work, electing feminists to public office, ending sexual harassment and violence against women, fighting for reproductive rights, promoting diversity, and ending racism. Check this site for important news updates, profiles of young feminists, and an extensive list of articles on affirmative action, economic equity, global feminism, women in the military, lesbian rights, and more.
Topics: domestic politics, gender, justice, law, prejudice, race, violence

The Washington Post: Gender Roles in the '90s
This series of five articles from the Washington Post covers the gender revolution and its effects on today's society.
Topics: cultural history, gender, identity, sexuality