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About the Tutorial

This tutorial presents a brief overview of the process for preparing presentation slides, introduces you to important design principles to consider as you prepare your slides, and helps you analyze the design of sample presentation slides.

Although this tutorial uses examples from Microsoft® PowerPoint®, the principles described here may be used successfully with any presentation program. For specific instructions on how to use the features of your presentation program, consult the software's Help menu or one of the many print guides available.

Keep in mind that some of the guidelines presented here might not apply to your presentation. You need to think about how your own audience, purposes, and subject will affect your design decisions. For instance, even though many people like to use slides with a dark blue background behind light-colored lettering, if you want to include photographs of a dark-colored object, a light background might make the presentation slides more legible.

How to Use This Tutorial

To follow the tutorial screen by screen, use the right arrow at the bottom of the screen. Use the left arrow to retrace your steps. To go directly to a topic, use the links on the right-hand portion of the screen. Then use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser to retrace your steps.

Please e-mail Mike Markel with questions and comments about the tutorial and its links.

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