Mike Markel's Web Design Tutorial
SECTION 1: Overview of the Process
This part of the tutorial provides an overview of the process of making presentation slides. Although the steps are presented in chronological order, the process of creating a complete presentation is not linear. For instance, as you prepare your slides, you might realize you need to go back and do more research. As you review your completed presentation, you might decide to add additional slides or remove some of those you have already created. As with any kind of technical document, you will find yourself backtracking often.

Why use presentation slides? Two main reasons:
  • Slides help make the presentation more interesting, more clear, and more memorable. The graphics and the text on the slides supplement and reinforce what you say to the audience, and they help listeners remember what you have said.

  • Slides help you deliver the presentation. If you put the right information on the slides, you reduce-or eliminate-the need for speaking notes. Important facts, statistics, and images appear on the computer screen or the wall screen when you click the mouse. When you see them, they remind you of what you need to say. You don't need to look down at notes.

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