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Unit One: Understanding the Basic Sentence
1 Fragments
2 Run-ons: Fused Sentences and Comma Splices
Unit Two: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
3 Nearest-Noun Agreement Errors
4 Agreement with There is and There was
5 Agreement with Compound Subjects
Unit Three: Using Correct Verb Tenses
6 Present, Past, and Tense Shifting
7 The Past and the Perfect Tenses
Unit Four: Understanding Pronouns
8 Pronoun Agreement
9 Vague Pronouns: This, That and It
10 Choosing the Correct Pronoun Form
11 Who, Whom, and That
12 Eliminating Sexist Pronouns
Unit Five: Placing and Punctuating Modifiers
13 Dangling Modifiers
14 Misplaced and Squinting Adverbs
Unit Six: Using Commas Correctly
15 Commas with And, But, Or, and Other Coordinating Conjunctions
16 Commas with Transitional Terms
17 Commas with Adverb Clauses
18 Commas with Introductory Elements
19 Commas with Adjective Clauses
20 Commas with Appositives
Unit Seven: Using Apostrophes Correctly
21 Apostrophes in Contractions
22 Apostrophes Showing Possession
23 Other Uses of the Apostrophe
24 Unnecessary Apostrophes
Unit Eight: Using Other Punctuation and Capitalizing Words
25 Quotation Marks with Direct Quotations and Paraphrases
26 Quotation Marks with Other Punctuation
27 Semicolons
28 Colons
29 Capitalization
Unit Nine: Writing Clear Sentences
30 Parallelism
31 Passive Voice
Unit Ten: ESL: Choosing the Right Article
32 Incorrect Plurals and Indefinite Articles with Noncount Nouns
33 Using A/An, Some, and The
34 Making Generalizations without Articles
Unit Eleven: ESL: Using Verbs Correctly
35 The Progressive Tenses
36 Two-Word Verbs
37 Information Questions
38 Word Order in Noun Clauses
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