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Home > Sentence Grammar > Sentence fragments

16 Fragments Editing Unscored
123 Correcting sentence fragments Editing Unscored
124 Identifying and correcting fragments Multiple Choice
295 Changing phrases into sentences Multiple Choice
298 Correcting sentence fragments Multiple Choice
418 Editing fragments Editing Unscored
469 Fragments that begin with an -ing verb form Multiple Choice
470 Fragments that start with to and a verb Multiple Choice
473 Sentence fragments review Multiple Choice
630 Correcting phrase fragments Editing Unscored
632 Correcting dependent clause fragments Editing Unscored
699 Identifying and correcting fragments Multiple Choice
700 Identifying and correcting fragments Editing Unscored
749 Correcting fragments Editing Unscored
783 Fragments Multiple Choice
784 Fragments Editing Unscored
234 Sentence fragments Multiple Choice
366 Sentence fragments Multiple Choice
561 Eliminating fragments Multiple Choice
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