An interactive expansion of the tutorials throughout the book, the online tutorials provide hands-on help for the real tasks you will face in your research-writing process, such as developing a thesis, evaluating Web sites, and integrating quotations.

Chapter 2: How can I assess the importance and relevance of issues?
Chapter 3: How do I refine my research question?
Chapter 4: How can I create an annotated bibliography?
Chapter 7: How do I write a good survey question?
Chapter 9: How do I evaluate a Web site?
Chapter 10: How do I paraphrase a source?
Chapter 11: How can I map my argument?
Chapter 13: How do I integrate a quotation into my draft?
Chapter 15: How do I review my use of source information as I revise and edit?
Chapter 16: How do I insert and format an image?


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