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  • Critical Reading
  • Writing with Style
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  • Avoiding Plagiarism
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    A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students
    This Internet Public Library site offers students help on the steps to follow when writing research papers. It covers researching, writing aids, and finding both print and online information.

    Acronym and Abbreviation List
    The list of acronyms and abbreviations in the Network Acronym and Abbreviation Server is a database for searching for both acronyms and words used in them.

    Best Information on the Net
    St. Ambrose University's O'Keefe Library provides resources for the Internet including database links and topical information.

    Jack Lynch's Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
    This site offers a miscellaneous group of writing resources serving as a supplement to the grammar and style guide.

    Purdue's Online Writing Center (OWL)
    Purdue's OWL offers numerous resources for all aspects of the writing process.

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Writing Center Handouts
    This online writing center provides citation style links, ESL (English as second language) links, and types and styles of writing links.

    Rhetoric and Composition
    This portal serves the rhetoric and composition field with links to journals, listservs, MOOS/OWLS, organizations, people, and programs.

    St. Cloud State University's Literacy Education Online
    This online writing guide offers help with all aspects of writing including citation, style, and general grammar rules.

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    GENERATING IDEAS's Creative Writing for Teens
    This site offers tips for young writers from other young writers with options to post additional tips and join relevant chat discussions.

    Generating Ideas for Expansion
    This article at lists tips and exercises to help generate ideas for Web tasks including site and product development.

    KU's Prewriting Strategies
    Information on brainstorming, clustering, freewriting, looping, and the Journalists' Questions provide help in generating ideas for various writing tasks.

    MIT's Generating Ideas
    This site lists useful procedures to generate ideas including freewriting, cubing, listing, and classical invention.

    The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
    Michael Harvey's Web site suggests reading various sources, suspending judgment of what you read, analyze contextualize, record, and finally ask for advice when trying to generate ideas.

    Overcoming Writer's Block/Generating Ideas for Your Writing
    San Diego State University provides explanation of various methods to pursue the task of writing, such as keeping a journal, freewriting, brainstorming, mapping, and utilizing formal sets of prompts.

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    Cornell University's Critically Analyzing Information Sources
    This library-supported site explains the facets of initial appraisal and content analysis when evaluating a source.

    Evaluating Sources: Introduction
    Purdue University's Online Writing Lab provides information and FAQs for evaluating research sources.

    Evaluation of Information Sources
    This Virtual Library site provides information for evaluating sources via explanation and links to other sites.

    Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
    UCLA College Library's Help Guide explains evaluation criteria for sources obtained from the World Wide Web.

    VirtualSalt's Evaluating Internet Research Sources
    Robert Harris explains the advantages, problems, and intricacies of Internet sources.

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    Critical Reading: A Guide, at Brock University
    This guide provides resources on how to critically read poetry and fiction as well advice on constructing analytical essays.

    Critical Reading towards Critical Writing at the University of Toronto
    This site breaks down the steps involved in critical reading and provides practical tips for students.

    Critical Thinking across the Curriculum Project, Longview Community College
    This site provides links to reading aids, articles, and other online resources. It also contains access to PowerPoint presentations on critical reading and comprehension.

    Dan Kurland's
    This site describes the steps and principles of critical reading and provides lessons for students aiming to improve their critical reading and writing skills.

    Writing@CSU Writing Guide: Overview of Critical Reading
    This online guide defines basic terms and explores the theoretical bases of reading critically. Practical strategies and a worksheet to take into the classroom are also available.

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    A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices at
    This site defines over 60 rhetorical devices and gives examples of how to use them to improve the clarity, effectiveness, and elegance of writing.

    LEO: Literacy Education Online at St. Cloud State University
    This easy-to-use site dissects style issues and addresses students in language they are familiar with.

    The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
    Humorous and accessible tips on writing with style are offered at this site.

    Revising Prose: The Writing Center at Rensselaer
    This site provides a helpful checklist of word- and sentence-level mistakes to avoid.

    William Strunk, Jr.'s "The Elements of Style"
    This classic volume advises writers of all levels on issues of usage and basic principles of composition.

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    Harvard's Revising the Draft
    This informational site explains how to revise, gives examples of revision, and provides general principles to consider while revising.

    Revising and Rewriting
    This Internet Public Library site has links to other resources for revising and rewriting.

    Revising Prose
    This site lists methods for revising prose by explaining simple tasks often overlooked in the revision process.

    Revising Your Writing
    Paradigm Online Writing Assistant gives both global and local perspectives when revising writing.

    What Is Revising? explains revising and utilizes the A.R.R.R. (Adding, Rearranging, Removing, Replacing) approach.

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    Editing for the Web
    This site provides information for editing on the World Wide Web and contains links to other relevant sites.

    Editing Your Writing
    Paradigm Online Writing Assistant lists tips for editing your writing effectively.

    LEO Editing and Proofreading
    St. Cloud State University gives general strategies for editing and proofreading writing.

    Manuscript Editing
    This journal-style Web site offers information about editing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

    What Is Editing? explains editing and suggests utilizing a self- and peer-edit strategy.

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    Healthlinks, Bibliography of Style Manuals
    Links to information on the following citation styles: APA, NLM, AMA, Chicago, ACS, CBE, and MLA.

    Healthlinks, Chicago Style Guide
    The University of Washington lists the most frequently used Chicago-style entries for print sources.

    Health Sciences Library, APA Style Guide
    The University of Washington lists the most frequently used APA style entries for print and electronic sources.

    Janice Walker's Columbia Guide to Online Style, MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources
    This site provides information on the Columbia Guide to Online Style and offers up-to-date information on citing online sources in various styles.

    LEO: APA Documentation
    St. Cloud State University site for citing sources using APA style.

    LEO: MLA Documentation
    St. Cloud State University site for citing sources using MLA style.

    Resources for Learning APA Style
    This Southwestern University site provides links to resources for learning and applying APA style.

    The University of Southern Mississippi Library's Style and Library Guide Index
    Links to database, research, style (includes APA, MLA and Turabian) and other guides.

    Writing@CSU: APA Style Guide
    Colorado State University's CBE style information writing guide includes types of entries and formatting information.

    Writing@CSU: CBE Style Guide
    This site provides information on the Columbia Guide to Online Style and offers up-to-date information on citing online sources in various styles.

    Writing@CSU: Chicago Style Guide
    Colorado State University's Chicago (Turabian) style information writing guide includes types of entries and formatting information.

    Writing@CSU: MLA Style Guide
    Colorado State University's MLA style information writing guide includes types of entries and formatting information.

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    The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Straus
    This online reference guide and workbook includes information on grammar and punctuation. The site includes proper English grammar and usage, exercises and tests with answers, and helpful links to other resources.

    Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch
    This site offers extensive, informative lists on writing, grammar, punctuation, and style. Links are supplied for definitions, usage, and other pertinent information.

    Guide to Grammar & Writing
    Capital Community College's Guide to Grammar & Writing includes information at varying levels—word and sentence, paragraph, and essay and research paper. This site also has a special search option, ASK GRAMMAR, along with interactive quizzes, general information, and links about grammar and writing.

    Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University
    OWL provides excellent information on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This includes definitions, usage, exercises, and links to additional resources. For specific questions, additional search options are available.

    Punctuation Made Simple
    Gary A. Olsen's site provides definitions and usage of the colon, semicolon, comma, em- and en-dashes, and apostrophe with examples of the specific rules.

    St. Cloud State University's Literacy Education Online (LEO) Writing Place Catalogue
    LEO has extensive information on numerous topics, such as style, organization, grammar, punctuation, source citation, and structure. The site also includes general information about writing, such as prewriting and how to overcome writer's block.

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    Avoiding Plagiarism
    Hamilton College's Writing Center offers general information and advice about how to avoid plagiarism with examples of paraphrasing and quoting from sources.

    Northwestern University on Avoiding Plagiarism
    This site provides links to information concerning plagiarism, including definitions, tips on how to avoid it, and examples of acceptable paraphrasing.

    Plagiarism: What Is it and How to Recognize and Avoid It
    Indiana University defines plagiarism and details ways to identify and avoid it.

    Purdue University on Avoiding Plagiarism
    This site explains common contradictions in academic writing, degrees and definitions of plagiarism, and practical self-checks for student writing.

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    Anthony Halderman's ESL Web Links
    This site has links for students and teachers for all relevant ESL topics including basic rules, games, and quizzes.

    Dave's ESL Café
    Dave Sperling's Web site provides a meeting place for students and teachers for ESL resources including chat rooms, links, and FAQs.

    Discover English as a Second Language at Vancouver Community College
    Vancouver Community College offers general information on ESL programming and career training programs with an ESL component.

    Linguistic Funland TESL Page
    This alternative Web page provides a different and fun approach to ESL information and the use of the Internet for students and teachers.

    ESL students can practice conversation, play games, and access dictionaries and other reference materials while sharing and obtaining ideas and knowledge from others.

    Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
    This resource contains articles and reviews of essays, textbooks, teacher resource books, and other media as well as a forum and Internet links.

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    Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities
    Southwest Educational Development Laboratory provides information about Assistive Technology for LD students, specifically for the Southwestern states of AK, LA, NM, OK, and TX.

    Dyslexia My Life
    Home page for the book, Dyslexia My Life, by Girard Sagmiller with news and information on dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

    The Instant Access Treasure Chest
    LD resources for foreign language teachers–including information on types of disabilities, the technologies available, and other general information–are found at this site.

    Internet Special Educational Resources (ISER)
    ISER, a nationwide directory of special education professionals, provides assistance, information, and links to parents and caregivers of learning disabled and other special education needs children.

    LD Online
    This website provides LD information and links to all those involved in caring for and teaching LD students.

    LD Resources
    This site offers information and links for those with learning disabilities including a message board for sharing information and relevant Web sites.

    Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
    LDA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement of the lives of the learning disabled through education. A link to the Healthy Children Project supplies information on toxins to be avoided in order to prevent disabilities from occurring.

    National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center
    Literacy resources organized by state and territory provided by the National Institute for Literacy are found at this site.

    National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)
    NCLD supports children and adults with LDs by providing information resources along with advocacy for programs, public awareness, and legislation.

    National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology, Media, and Materials
    This organization promotes the use of technological resources in addressing the educational needs of the learning disabled. This site offers links, libraries, and other information to help those with disabilities utilize the Web.

    Office of Adaptive Education Services at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
    This university-supported site explains learning disabilities and their implications in guide form including terms, FAQs, and possible solutions for the student.

    Office of Special Education: Learning Disabilities
    This University of Virginia site offers information with links on LD including definitions, resources, organizations, and publications.

    Teaching LD
    This site provides resources for teachers of students with learning disabilities, and includes discussion forums and information about conferences and educational events.

    University of Georgia Learning Disabilities Center
    This university site offers provision of assessment, resources, and research for students in the university system who have learning disorders.

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    Ashland University Writing Center
    The online Writing Center at Ashland University contains resources for students and teachers, handouts on specific elements of writing, links to other helpful sites, and guidelines for providing documentation and avoiding plagiarism.

    Bemidji State University Writing Resource Center
    The online Writing Resource Center at Bemidji State University offers real-time advice from writing tutors, including feedback on drafts, brainstorming tools, and links to other resources.

    Brigham Young University Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Brigham Young University includes services, writing tips, FAQs, and useful links.

    Broome Community College Writing Resources Website
    The Broome Community College Writing Resources Web site offers guidance on topics from overcoming writer's block to succeeding on essay exams, as well as links to information on writing, researching, and reference materials.

    Bucknell University Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Bucknell University offers writing tips and information, as well as links to other sites.

    Caldwell Writing Center (The McCallie School)
    The Caldwell Writing Center is a supportive environment for students and faculty and includes teaching and learning examples and citation information.

    California State University, Los Angeles, Writing Center
    The University Writing Center at CSULA offers online tutoring and information on various writing topics.

    The Center for Excellence in Writing at Pennsylvania State University
    This site offers specific resources geared toward undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. It includes online tutoring, newsletters, and links.

    Chesapeake College's Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Chesapeake College has a grammar hotline, FAQs, Internet links, and other general information.

    Claremont Graduate University Writing Center
    The Claremont Graduate University Writing Center offers handouts, tips, and sample papers for writers and writing instructors.

    Clarke College OWL
    The Online Writing Center at Clarke College offers tutoring, APA and MLA citation information, and other links for writing information.

    Colorado College Writing Center
    The online Writing Center at Colorado College presents advice on close reading, grammar basics, transitions, plagiarism, and scientific writing, as well as exercises and links for non-native speakers of English.

    Colorado State University Pueblo
    This site contains extensive links for writers, including dictionaries, thesauruses, tips for getting started, style manuals, revision strategies, and information for non-native speakers of English.

    Colorado State University (CSU) Writing Studio
    The CSU Writing Studio provides feedback on papers, advice for writing in various disciplines, and examples of effective writing.

    Dakota State University Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Dakota State University offers help exclusively online through email and discussion boards.

    El Paso Community College Tutorial Services: Valle Verde Writing Center
    This site provides resources for students and faculty, including handouts and quizzes on brainstorming and organization, word choice, punctuation, critical analysis, and study and reading skills.

    Ferris State University Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Ferris State University tutors via email and provides links to tutorials for relevant writing topics.

    The Gayle Morris Sweetland Writing Center at the University of Michigan
    This site offers links relating to professional writing, documentation, grammar, and plagiarism, as well as online dictionaries and thesauruses.

    Gonzaga University Online Writing Lab
    This Online Writing Lab has numerous links to reference sources, search engines, ESL resources, and writing tips.

    Indiana University South Bend Writing Center
    The online Writing Center supplies links to information on proposal writing, APA and MLA styles, online dictionaries and reference materials, and other writing centers.

    The Learning Center at Arizona State University East
    The Learning Center at ASU East addresses the writing needs of students. Assistance is available for students at all levels of writing proficiency. ESL students can get help developing writing, listening, and speaking skills.

    Long Island University/Brooklyn Campus Writing Center
    The site map for this Online Writing Center resembles a NYC subway map where students, tutors, faculty, and staff are encouraged to select a path to better writing by clicking on routes that are focused on planning, drafting, editing, grammar, and Center information. Tutoring online via a filtered email system is available.

    Michigan Technological University Writing Center
    The Online Writing Center at Michigan Technological University provides resources for the writing process, ESL assistance, learning differences, and links.

    Northern Illinois University English Dept.
    This Online Writing Center provides help via email, online resources, and information regarding how to avoid plagiarism.

    The Online Writing Lab of Roane State College
    The Online Writing Lab of Roane State College advises students on topics ranging from email etiquette, writing for the sciences, and citing online sources to resumes and cover letters.

    Oregon State University Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center accepts writing via email and provides writing tips, handouts, and links to other Web resources.

    Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    The Purdue OWL is a Web site that provides instructional handouts on the writing process, information about the Writing Lab, hypertext workshops, information, resources, and links for conducting Internet research, information about other OWLs, an email tutoring service, and PowerPoint presentations about various aspects of writing.

    The Reading/Writing Center at Hunter College
    This Online Reading/Writing Center provides information geared toward non-native speakers of English, as well as resources for business and professional writing and writing across disciplines.

    Red Rocks Community College Online Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center includes "Grammar Express" (where students can find answers to grammar and usage questions), as well as online tutors and other resource links.

    Rice University Online Writing Lab
    This site offers specific examples and advice, along with general information on writing and presentations. It also contains resources and links to other sites.

    Salt Lake Community College Online Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center is dedicated to giving students, instructors, and the general public access to information about writing, tutoring, composition teaching, and computer-assisted writing instruction.

    Shasta College Writing Center
    This site describes the location and services of the Shasta College Writing Center, including workshops and telephone tutoring. In addition, it features links to the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA); grammar, Internet, and writing; and Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) styles of documentation.

    Southeastern Louisiana University Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center offers links to writing resources.

    St. Cloud State University Literacy Education Online
    This Online Writing Center offers writers of research papers links to resources.

    State University of West Georgia Writing Across the Curriculum
    The Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum for faculty and students.

    Temple University Writing Center
    This Online Writing offers links for students and instructors of writing.

    The Troy University Writing Center
    This site Center provides information for non-native speakers of English, literature resources, and guidance on writing basics.

    Trinity College Writing Center Online
    This Online Writing Center offers links for writers.

    The Undergraduate Writing Center at the University of Texas at Austin
    The online Writing Center at the University of Texas at Austin offers live advice from tutors and an online journal on composition.

    University of Florida Networked Writing Environment (NWE)
    The NWE uses client-server systems to provide a wide variety of applications to five classroom laboratories that host courses in English and Women's Studies. This site provides basic information about the NWE, as well as detailed help pages and suggested pedagogical frameworks.

    The University of Idaho Writing Center
    This site provides links relating to grammar, documentation, and technical writing.

    University of Illinois (UIC) at Chicago Writing Center
    The UIC Writing Center serves an urban campus and its diverse constituency from across all disciplines. They tutor in person and in an online MOO; they believe in text, hypertext, and metatext and readers and writers that make it so.

    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Writer's Workshop
    This Online Writing Center offers help with grammar, citations, ESL, and writing and researching tips.

    University of Louisville Writing Center
    This online writing center offers help with grammar, documentation styles, professional and technical writing, resources for avoiding plagiarism, and advice for teaching writing.

    University of Maryland University College Online Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center serves students located close to its home campus, at regional centers throughout the state of Maryland, and in several international programs. Its services include handouts and answers to quick emailed questions, feedback on writing drafts, self-study materials, and links to other writing-related sites.

    University of Minnesota OnLine Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center offers seasonal help to students (closed for the summer), links to other Online Writing Labs, and online resources for students and teachers.

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Writing Center
    This site contains informational pages about the Writing Center as well as an Online Writing Lab and online handouts for students. Their OWL allows asynchronous consultation sessions and answers to quick questions for UNLV students. The online handout section is relatively small right now, but the number of pages is growing.

    University of Ottawa Writing Centre
    This Canadian-based Online Writing Center offers links to reference sources, textbooks and workbooks, and other writing centers.

    The University of Pittsburgh Writing Center
    This Writing Center site offers perspectives on various elements of the writing process, including revisions and issues of style.

    University of Richmond Writer's Web
    The Writer's Web is an online handbook with advice organized by the stages of the writing process.

    The University of South Carolina Writing Center
    This Writing Center provides advice on topics such as critical reading strategies and writing outside the classroom.

    The University of Wyoming Writing Center
    This Writing Center site contains information about documentation and citation, plagiarism, and research, as well as online tutors.

    The University Online Writing Center at Texas Tech University
    This online writing center offers links to style guides for a wide array of disciplines as well as advice on writing personal statements for applications.

    Valdosta State University Writing Center
    This site offers online tutorials in real-time for writers who have scheduled on-site appointments.

    Warner Southern College Academic Skills Center
    This site of the Warner Southern College Academic Skills Center provides extensive links to online writing labs at U.S. colleges and universities.

    Washington State University Online Writing Lab
    This Online Writing Center contains many OWL, ESL, writing, and documentation links.

    Weber State University Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center contains handouts and, under helpful links, style guides, OWL Writing Center lists, and other general links.

    Whatcom Community College Online Writing Center
    Online writing resources for Whatcom Community College's students, staff, faculty, and interested others.

    Winthrop University English/Core
    A collection of links and original material for students in the core courses of the English major, with rapidly expanding services including discussion lists.

    Writing@CSU (Colorado State University Online Writing Center)
    One of the largest writing sites on the Web, with more than 25,000 pages of content. The CSU Online Writing Center offers a range of services and resources to students, faculty, and community members. The site supports general writing courses and communication-across-the-curriculum courses.

    Writing@Elon (Elon University)
    Writing@Elon connects several campus writing programs, including first-year writing, writing across the curriculum, the writing center, and professional writing and rhetoric. This site organizes helpful online writing resources for local and remote users.

    The Writing Center @ Department of English at Iowa State University
    This Writing site offers extensive advice and links to resources on using nonsexist language, avoiding common errors, proofreading, finding and developing a topic, and documenting and citing.

    The Writing Center at Harvard University
    This Writing Center site features articles such as "How to Read an Assignment" and "Transitioning: Beware of Velcro."

    The Writing Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    This online Writing Centeroffers information on multiple types and styles of writing, from thesis writing and abstracts to lab reports and presentations.

    The Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    This Online Writing Center features an online writer's handbook and links to other writing centers.

    The Writing Center Online at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    The Online Writing Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

    Writing Center, University of Washington, Bothell (UWB)
    The UWB OWL provides information to faculty, staff, and students about services, electronic resources, and links to other OWLs, access to the Writing Center schedule in order to make face-to-face appointments, and access to the online conferencing site.

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    Booklist Home Page
    The American Library Association's Booklist offers the latest book reviews of both print and electronic media.

    Cybrary of the Holocaust Home Page
    Resources for and about Holocaust survivors and victims (including art, photos) and facts are compiled on this home page.

    Electric Library
    Current and archived publications for many print and electronic sources are available for a monthly or annual fee.

    E-text Archives
    This site provides electronic versions of texts in the following topics/types: e-zines, politics, fiction, poetry, and religion.

    New Bartleby
    This Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse offers unlimited, no-fee access to books and information on the Web.

    Official Project Gutenberg Web Site
    This site offers electronic versions of many classic books (roughly published pre-1923).

    The Online Literature Library
    This site provides literature by various authors via the Internet.

    Universal Library
    Carnegie Mellon University provides a database of printable books, magazines, reference documents, newspapers, video, and data sources.

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    American-British/British-American Dictionary
    This Web site offers translation between British and American English and is intended for travelers and others in need of definitions, spellings, and pronunciations in both vernaculars.

    Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language (ASL) Terms
    This dictionary offers basic ASL symbols including the alphabet and numerals.

    Behind the Name
    An etymological guide to first names with search capabilities by letter or type, as well as various other information.
    The word search feature makes this site quick and useful with the ability to search for definitions or synonyms and various other information links.

    Merriam-Webster Online
    This online dictionary offers word search for definitions or synonyms along with word games and helpful tips.

    A multilingual online dictionary of Internet terminology and other translation information.

    Net Lingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
    This online dictionary contains information specific to the Internet including technology and community references.

    Online Rhyming Dictionary
    This site allows word searches for rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and other links for word usage.

    Oregon State University Writing Center
    This Online Writing Center accepts writing via email and provides writing tips, handouts, and links to other Web resources.

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    ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
    This site has full text or headword search capabilities for literal or partial words.

    Freeality Internet Search Thesauruses
    A choice of thesaurus searches, such as Roget's and ARTFL, are available with various other word usage links.

    NASA Thesaurus
    This thesaurus is specific to language used by NASA arranged by hierarchy with definitions and term display.
    Word search for synonyms or antonyms and links to other word usage sites.

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