“Pretty woman” sounds different from “lovely lady,” although both mean essentially the same thing (“attractive adult female”). A writer might choose “lovely lady” for its triple alliteration and its rhyme; another writer might reject that phrase for the same reason (probably calling it “too flowery”).

In the following lines, come up with synonymous phrases for the alliterated phrase (don’t hesitate to use a thesaurus if you need to). Then describe how the alliterated phrase differs from your less ornamental version. What is gained in each? What is sacrificed? Write your responses in your notebook—this will be collated so that you can print or e-mail your work when you are finished.

Sometimes snakes slithered past.

A majestic mountain was visible in the distance.

He hopped about happily.

The baker busily kneaded the bread.

They stayed up while the moon mounted in the sky.

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